Quickie Christmas D.I.Y idea #3

Quickie Christmas D.I.Y idea #3 || Yarn doll angels


These make cute decorations or simple homemade gifts for someone else’s tree. You basically start off making a yarn doll (these instructions are pretty good), and then add wings and any other extras you want.

To add the wings, follow steps 1-5 wrapping the string around the width of your card rather than length. When you get to step 6 tie the string in the middle of your loops to form the wings. Then simply tie these onto the back of your doll. I’ve used different colours for the wings but you can keep them the same colour as your doll if you wish!

In addition i’ve added a loop to the top of my angel so she can hang on the tree – and also a small bell, star and Christmas passage. And that’s it!

Simples 😉



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