Quickie Christmas D.I.Y idea #2

Idea no. 2… one for all you Harry Potter fans out there!

Quickie Christmas D.I.Y idea #2 || Christmas Tree Snitch!


How cool is that eh?? And it’s dead easy to do!

We basically took some small Christmas baubles (gold) and bought some christmas plant decorations (any cheapy ones will do – as long as the leaves look like they could be wings!).

Strip the leaves off so you have 2 wings. If you can, pull the little cap off the top of the bauble, place the stems here (you can glue them for extra sturdiness if you like) and then replace the cap. If not i’d suggest just gluing the wings up top and then maybe wrapping some ribbon or something around the top just to finish it off.

Taa Daa! a quick and dirty snitch for your Christmas tree, or a neat little gift for a Potter head!

Of course if you’re more artistically inclined you can take a look at this awesome tutorial and get a more realistic and funky result.



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