Quickie Christmas D.I.Y idea #1

Wow it’s like waiting for a bus huh? You wait forever and then 2 show up at once! 😉

In the run up to Christmas i’ll be sharing some quickie Christmas things you can make yourselves (and as a bonus they’re kid friendly!).

Quickie Christmas D.I.Y idea #1 || Cute Nativity Characters!


Aren’t they cute? A while back while at a summer fair we came across Doughlightful Creations who had a table full of these funky little models – from Daleks to Thomas the Tank engine! Well, I had to buy some to get making things myself.

It is THE weirdest stuff. It genuinely feels like your modelling with AIR!

You pretty much work it the same way you would with clay, but its mess free and dead easy so it’s brilliant for little hands. Plus it air dries in like 2 days.

I only had a small sample so this was as far as I could get with a nativity scene – but you could always add more characters year after year. And if you don’t want to shell out for this stuff you can use clay, plasticine or even playdough.

Much more original than a shop bought nativity set (plus it makes a great gift for relatives).

More ideas coming soon!


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