A belated update

Wow…. it’s been a while!

After countless months of worrying and trawling the job sites, I started my new job as Graphic Designer for a marketing agency called PurpleFox Marketing (woop!) so apologies for not blogging very much!

Here’s a few new bits of my work for you guys to oggle at 🙂

Corporate Adverts for CIO Connect

In the midst of depression when looking for work I decided to take on a few freelancing jobs. CIO Connect wanted a new suite of print adverts to go in their magazine – they had to be corporate, but different from the style of the rest of the mag. They seemed to like this… what do you think? You can see the online magazine too…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PurpleFox Marketing brochure

First big print job in the new role, creating a generic brochure to explain what we do and ramp up the brand awareness.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there we go, watch this space for some more exciting things on the way! And as always any comments are welcome!!


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