D.I.Y Hoodie cushion remake

This is my favourite hoodie. Worn past the point of being socially acceptable, and looking rather like it’s met with a paper shredder. Tragically, it has to be put down.

old hoodie

But rather than just throw it away, I wanted to put it to good use and give it a new life. So… I made a cushion cover. It’s not perfect because I can’t sew to save my life (as evidenced by the amount of different coloured threads and broken needles I went through), but it’s not a bad first attempt. For me.

Fancy giving it a go? Read on…!

Step 1: Size up your hoodie! (make sure it’s going to fit the cushion you want to cover – you can mark up with chalk to be more accurate but I decided to wing it).

hoodie cushion & pillow

Step 2: cut off the arms of your hoodie and turn inside out.

hoodie - inside outStep 3: sew up your sleeves! Try and keep it in a straight line (as you can see… mine wasn’t!). Once you’ve done this you also want to sew across the top of your hoodie in a straight line from one shoulder to the other (might help to draw a line for this) making sure to leave a good margin between your line and where you are going to cut.

hoodies cushion -sewing the sleevesStep 4: cut off the hood! you could do this before you sew the top but as I wasn”t measuring I found it helped me to get my bearings.

hoodies cushion - cut the hoodStep 5: Check your sizing! You should probably do this as you go… but I didn’t… thankfully it did fit in though!

hoodie - check sizingStep 6: Decide how you want your cover to work… If you’re covering a cushion that you don’t need to open ever again then you can just sew up the bottom. However, my cushion belongs to my landlord, who probably wouldn’t appreciate me ruining it. So I decided to re-use the hoodie thread and eyelet things to turn the bottom into a drawstring.

hoodie cushion - holes&threadStep 7: Cut holes in the bottom of your hoodie to thread through. It’s important to only cut the holes in the top layer!

hoodie cushion - holes2Step 8: Thread it! this takes time and patience…

hoodie cushion - threadStep 9: Add the eyelets – these are a right pain to sew on (so forgive my awful sewing), make sure to avoid sewing through the cord or it won’t work properly).

hoodie cushion - detailsStep 10: put your cushion in, pull the drawstrings to fasten and tie it in a prettyful bow… :)

hoodie cushion - tie up

And hey presto! You’re hoodie lives again! They make great, quirky little cushions for the bedroom, chill-out areas and kids rooms AND they’re awesome for curling up on the sofa with because they keep your hands warm too… 🙂

hoodie cushion

Thanks for reading! If anyone decides to give it a go i’d love to see yours!


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