60 second scrabble

Last night we decided to play a game of scrabble.

Usually, the process is long, drawn out and involves each player analysing every single option to maximise the points from their letter scores. We’re not talking quite Monopoly level here, but it takes a LOOOOOONG time.

So, given the fact we had very little time or patience, we decided to make our own rules…

  1. Before the game starts each player writes down a word on a card and keeps it to themselves.
  2. Throughout the game, if another player forms that word with their letters you can make that annoying noise from QI and that player gets -10 points (you could spend ages looking for soundboard apps, but you’ll probably just end up with 80’s retro gameshow sounds or the Father Ted app like we did…).
  3. Each player gets only 60 seconds to have their turn. If they fail to put a word down (or have invented one that doesn’t exist) they loose a point.
  4. The rest of it’s exactly the same… though you could always throw in a few curve balls (think drinking games… instead of loosing points you have to do shots?).

Much shorter and faster paced game = more fun!

Anyone else got some re-workings of classic games to share?



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