Happy as the proverbial pig in…

Let’s not go there. This post has nothing to do with pigs, or… that.

But it is about proverbs! And how that short, punchy and powerful language can be captured through the use of moving image. I’ve seen a lot of typographic play on words stuff done very successfully in a print medium (just check out wordboner for some awesome examples) clever stuff huh?

But sometimes you just have an idea that you can’t make clear enough without introducing some movement. And what do you do then?

Kinetic typography is about narrating a story through the use of movement. Very nice I think you’ll agree… it gives the reader a visual sense of a conversation in order to convey meaning. But a proverb is not a story! So we need something that falls somewhere in between these two… animated gifs!

Simple and yet powerful, the animated gif is brilliant at getting across a message in an eye-catching way and makes a statement more memorable to it’s audience. Yeah I know they’re a bit outdated… But that’s not to say they’re dead! With a good concept behind them they have to power to really hit a message home.

good things come to those who waitno man is an islandeasy come, easy go

and with all this talk of witty words, don’t forget to get involved in the caption competition

for some free publicity (and at the rate it’s going you’d just have to enter to win!).


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