D.I.Y Santa’s sleigh Christmas Decoration

Christmas is coming!!! And if you’re anything like me you’ll LOVE everything about it! Growing up, one of my favourite decorations was Santa’s sleigh with reindeer that was up on the wall, with rope connecting them all.

Sadly, it’s on it’s last legs, and living at my parent’s house. So, on a long (and rather boring) journey up to Glasgow, I hatched a plan to make my own!

Full sleigh decoration

If you fancy giving it a go…

1. Start by planning out what you want to do!! How many Reindeer? How big?
I sketched my reindeer and sleigh at A3 size on a slightly thicker paper than usual. If you’re not keen on drawing why not download some colouring in pages to use, like this Santa and these reindeer? (then you can get the kids involved too!). To make this work your reindeer will need to be wearing something you can thread the “reins” through e.g. a harness.

Reindeer sketch

2. Colour them in! I used felt tips, but to give them a nice look (and blur all the lines they leave) I then brushed the over with some water to “paint” them.

Reindeer felt tipPainting the reindeer

3. Outline! Use a fineliner or any other pen you like to put back in the detail. If you want to laminate your pics now is the time to do it!!

2012-12-10 20.43.46

4. Cut out! Being careful to stick as close to the lines as you can (unless laminated!) – don’t worry too much about the white bits within the image that you can’t get to. You might need to give the kids a hand here.

Cutting out your parts

5. Score around the harness – just a small slit either side, this is where we’ll thread the rope to create the reins.

Scoring the Harness

6. Thread your reins! You can use anything for this… Ribbon, String, tinsel, christmas lights? I’ve used some thin gold rope. Simply slide it in behind the harness and out the other side.

Threading the reins

Threading the reins (back)

7. You’ll notice i’ve put white tack on the back of them, this is because I found it easier to stick them up on the wall as i’d finished each one. So choose your sticky fixer and let’s see how it looks!

starting to put it together

8. One final point! When it comes to completing your “ends” i.e Santa and your front reindeer (Rudolph in mine) you need to stick your rope to the back with some tape to hold it in place. So with Rudolph it goes in one side and is fixed to the back, and santa is holding it, so it’s fixed behind his hand. You’ll also notice i’ve added a little tag to Santa’s sack, which is held on with a piece of string. Nice touch 🙂

 RudolphSanta's sleigh




And that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed this and it’d be great to see some of your examples! Especially those of you who’ve had some little helpers…!


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